Following revelations made as result of the Independent Commission Against Corruption throughout the past two years, a collection of community organisations have developed a Community Charter for Good Planning.

The charter has been endorsed by a range of peak associations, including the Better Planning Network, Total Environment Centre, Nature Conservation Council of NSW and National Parks Association of NSW, and will be launched on Thursday 18 September at 1pm at the Domain behind NSW Parliament House in Sydney.

Attending will be Luke Foley, ALP spokesperson for Planning; David Shoebridge, Greens NSW Spokesperson on Planning; Alex Greenwich, Member for Sydney and Better Planning Network Spokesperson Corinne Fisher.

“This is a powerful coming together of a wide range of community organisations.” Ms Fisher. “Planning was a key issue in the 2011 election. It will be an even bigger issue in the 2015 election!

“Following the launch we will be asking the candidates in every electorate in NSW to consider endorsing the Charter and help move NSW into a new era of better planning which is corruption free and based on ecologically sustainable development.”

Ms Fisher said the Charter represented “the bottom line” for planning, and would deliver fair outcomes for the community, future generations and the environment.

TEC chief executive Jeff Angel said: “It’s time to put planning on a firm footing that respects the environment, delivers best practice development consistent with sustainability and one in which the community can have confidence.”

2 replies on “ICAC spurs NSW community organisations to develop planning charter”

  1. One of the problems with the current Planning Act is that councils are often hamstrung by State regulations that prevent them from improving planning processes and outcomes. For example, instead of councils being able to progress Livable Housing Design Guidelines across the whole spectrum of housing so that as we age we don’t have to move house, they are forced into referring to the outdated and out-moded Adaptable Housing Standard for just a small proportion of housing in infill developments (SEPP Seniors Living). Sustainability is not just eco – it is also social. Not everyone wants to move to a specialised, segregated living situation (retirement village). We need a Planning Act that enables, not restricts.

  2. Unless Leightons, Lend Lease et al are invited and actually have an input and an understanding, I feel it will be a talk fest situation.
    Time erodes memory, and greed is perennial.

    The best hope is to get to amalgamation of Councils quickly, and have less opportunity for poor performers to have influence.
    One CEO instead of 5, one Mayor instead of ?, increases the opportunity for attracting better candidates overall, and duly rewarded.

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