The Building Products Innovation Council is appalled by the massive blaze at Grenfell Tower in London and our deepest sympathies go out to all those affected.

“At this early stage we simply do not know the fire’s cause or what contributory conditions might have exacerbated the situation,” Elizabeth McIntyre the Chair of BPIC said, “Instead BPIC would like to reassure residents that Australia has regulations and legislative safe guards that are unparalleled elsewhere.”

That is not to say that Australia has not had its recent share of Non-Conforming Building Products scares. In fact BPIC and the building industry in Australia has been warning all levels of governments about the proliferation of dodgy building products, the need for better regulations to ensure that fit-for-purpose products are specifications and used, and of course the need for harsher penalties for those who sell, supply and install dodgy products.

Fortunately, our warnings have finally been heeded and the building products industry and Queensland government are working together to strengthen building legislation and standards to ensure that buildings comply and that homeowners are safe.

“After long years of inaction, it is encouraging to see the Queensland Government taking a tough and decisive stand on dodgy building and construction practices that have eroded public confidence in the building sector and cost consumers and insurers multi-millions of dollars in rectification works,” says Ms McIntyre.

BPIC welcomes new legislation introduced into the Queensland Parliament to control the incidence of NCBPs and congratulates the Queensland Building and Construction Commission and the QLD Government for listening to the concerns of industry.

“Which is why we encourage the Queensland Opposition and all crossbenchers to support this new legislation to stamp out NCBPs,” says Ms McIntyre, “We urge all other States and Territories to fast-track dodgy building product legislation like that being proposed in Queensland, so that Australian residents are fully protected from the kind of tragedy that has devastated London.”

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