Global GreenTag International last week launched the Product Health Declaration™ or PhD. David Baggs, chief executive officer and technical director of Global GreenTag said workplaces retrofitted with low toxicity products showed that sick leave went down 30 per cent and productivity went up 45 per cent.

Mr Baggs said a number of studies have linked product health with human health.

One study published by the American Chemical Society (ACS) found a concerning combination of chemicals present and leaching or gassing off from products that people take in daily through their skin and airways.

The study found nine general hazard traits associated with 35 chemicals that were both included in the intake assessment and were listed under the Safer Consumer Products Candidate Chemical Listings.

It found exposure to one or more of these chemical classes has been associated with adverse health effects including reproductive toxicity, endocrine disruption, cognitive and behavioral impairment in children, cancer, asthma, immune dysfunction, and chronic disease.

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