26 February 2014 — Standards Australia has released a draft standard (AS 1546.4) for onsite domestic greywater recycling systems for public comment, as the number of people using recycled domestic greywater for watering gardens and other non-potable uses grows.

The standard aims to address the concerns health authorities and environmental protection authorities have in terms of disease risks and pollutant loads, and also creates a set of guidelines that offer consumers protection in terms of quality and performance benchmarking.

The standard sets out detailed performance evaluation tests for manufacturers, acceptable parameters for the most common disinfection methods and installation and post-purchase technical support requirements.

One of the key aspects of the proposed standard is that the recycling system incorporate an alarm function, which both alerts the owner, and triggers an automatic diversion of greywater to the mains sewer system until the fault is rectified.

Comments can be lodged here until 14 April.