Beon Energy Solutions:

A 365-kilowatt solar system has been installed on the factory roof of plastic manufacturer Class Plastics, in what is believed to be the largest solar environmental upgrade agreement in Australia.

Through EUAs, building owners are able to get access to long-term finance for building upgrades at low interest rates, which can lead to immediate cash flow benefits for owners.

The EUA has been facilitated by Wyndham Council and supported by Powercor subsidiary Beon Energy Solutions, with the solar panels expected to generate 490 megawatt-hours of electricity a year, with annual savings of $80,000-$90,000.

“We’re proud of our commitment to environmental sustainability,” Class Plastics director Daniel Carapellotti said.

“The EUA has enabled an environmental solution to make even more economic sense and the investment in solar aligns with our energy efficiency objectives.”

Beon Energy Solutions general manager Glen Thomson said market conditions including high wholesale electricity prices and the falling cost of solar were driving customers to seek large-scale solar solutions.

“This project is a great example of how small and medium size organisations can leverage various financial incentives and explore different ways of taking control of their electricity consumption and costs,” he said. “We applaud Class Plastics for their leadership and commitment to this project.”

The solar system was installed by Beon in early February and is now generating energy.

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