7 May 2014 — Sustainable Business Australia has been appointed as Australian global network partner by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development to help form business solutions to complex sustainability problems, filling a hole left by an unwilling Australian government.

“Australia has been a pioneer on climate action, smart energy technologies and the development of biodiversity markets,” said Peter Bakker, president and chief executive of the WBCSD.

“Up until recently, Australia made globally recognised progress pursuing energy and resource efficiency across its economy. It is important that Australian business continues to contribute to global momentum on climate mitigation, water and resource management, waste reduction and the ongoing development of corporate reporting and valuation.

“The pursuit of sustainable development requires investment and innovation and it is here that business plays a critical role.”

Chief executive of Sustainable Business Australia, Andrew Peteren, said the partnership would add value to members by bringing the latest global thinking and best practice on economic, environmental and social management.

“The Australian business community has both the experience and the need to be involved in international sustainable development issues,” Mr Petersen said.

“SBA is committed to providing business leadership for sustainable development in Australia and we will work with WBCSD’s business community by involving forward-thinking Australian companies in WBCSD’s international programs and cross-sector projects.”