12 September 2012 — A carbon study into Tasmania’s forests has found that their carbon stocks contain around three to four billion tonnes of carbon – six times the amount of Australia’s average greenhouse gas emissions profile. The study, commissioned by the Tasmanian Government and carried out by CO2 Australia, looked at how changing forest management and land use practices affected carbon stocks, the level of carbon abatement that arose from those changes and also provided an assessment of the commercial value of the various carbon storage levels. It also found that under a variety of forest management and land use scenarios it may be possible to achieve greenhouse gas abatement worth tens of millions of dollars in the future. CO2 Australia chief executive officer Andrew Grant said it was the first carbon study of its kind undertaken in Australia. “The comprehensive study provides a complete carbon accounting system that can be used for complex and large scale carbon accounting for forest systems now and in the future.” Click here to access the report.