14 December 2011 – Sustainable Melbourne Fund has launched a web-based animation and case study video to explain how to source loans of up to $500,000 through its $6.4 million sustainable investment program.

Sustainable Melbourne Fund chief executive Scott Bocskay said the agency had invested $7.7 million in energy generation, energy efficiency and water efficiency business ventures and technologies through its investment program.

“The investment program is focused on projects that deliver improved commercial and environmental outcomes in the built environment, particularly in the areas of energy, water and waste management,” Mr Bocskay said.

Sustainable Melbourne Fund has an established track record of almost 10 years of integrating energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability into the built environment. Established by Melbourne City Council in 2002 with an initial investment of $5 million, the fund is currently worth $6.4 million.

EKO Energy CEO Erik Zimmerman said the Fund’s investment program played an important part in strengthening the business during a key growth phase. EKO Energy has since been acquired by AGL, Australia’s largest integrated renewable energy company.

“Funding from Sustainable Melbourne Fund’s investment program made it possible for EKO Energy to continue its bulk-buying strategy to make solar affordable, which enabled us to grow the business and bring renewable energy within the reach of many more Victorians,” Mr Zimmerman said.

“This funding allowed EKO Energy to install solar systems on 571 properties in Victoria, an investment that will save two tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every day for the next 25 years.”

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