14 April 2011 – An extensive survey of salaries for jobs in sustainability  – claimed to be the first in Australia –  is underway and open for contributions in a secure website.

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Partners in the Sustainability Salary Survey 2011 are Lisa Tarry’s Turning Green recruitment specialists, The Green Building Council of Australia, The Association Of Chartered Certified Accountants, the Australian Green Infrastructure Council and Environmental Jobs Network.

According to the 2009 Connection Research and NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change, there are between 50,000 and 300,000 green collar workers in Australasia depending on what definitions are used.

According to Turning Green the survey has collated “real job titles from a database of thousands of resumes in the sustainability, climate change and environmental areas, across industry”. It also provides an option to add a specific job title if it is not already included in the options.

Results will be used to provide “timely information and advice to hiring organisations; give accurate salary indications to individuals searching for work in the green sector and to give both individuals and organisations information about employment trends in these disciplines across Australian.”

The findings will be launched at the ACCA’s annual sustainability conference in August and survey participants will receive a summary report and a discount on the full report.

Response rates will be monitored daily and the survey will be open until Thursday 30 June 2011.

Note: The Avdiev Group has recently started including information on sustainability jobs in the property sector in its regular reports.

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