9 May 2012 – Rebuilding green was Queensland architect Mark Thomson’s vision for a Brisbane house destroyed by floods. He will be one of 11 sustainable architects passing on his ideas at a speed date event on 26 May.

This free event, run by the Alternative Technology Association, is for those wanting to build or renovate their homes.

“I sat down with the homeowners and we came up with a range of practical improvements,”he said.
“For instance, upstairs and downstairs wiring was separated to allow part of the house to be operational should a flood threaten. The kitchen was designed to be deconstructed and removed with that in mind as well.”

“The home is now much more resilient – able to cope better with what nature can throw at it. Any way you look at it, building back green just makes a lot of sense,” Mr Thomson said.

Mr Thomson, who runs Eco Effective Solutions, helped complete an eco retrofit to a two-storey brick veneer home in the Brisbane suburb of Chelmer that had been flooded up to the second storey.

“Resilient materials and finishes were used in the rebuilt house to withstand future floods. Other improvements included low-toxic paints, a solar hot water system to replace the old electric heater and plumbing to allow rainwater to flush toilets.

Speed Date a Sustainable Designer is at Queensland Terrace, Queensland State Library, Southbank, from  1-3pm, 26 May.