29 March 2012- Letter:

A man goes to the doctor and says, “Doc I don’t feel so good”.

The doctor answers, “What are your symptoms”?

The man responds wearily, “Well, my consumption is up and I seem to be experiencing temperature fluctuations”.

The doctor decides to check the man’s history and after perusing his records exclaims, something is amiss here… You don’t seem to be running within normal operating protocols.

The man looks puzzled and say’s to the doctor,” I don’t understand, how can that be”.

The doctor says, oh it is nothing to be too alarmed about; in fact it is quite normal.

There is an urgent need for greater scrutiny of energy efficiency implementation practises at the construction phase. Simply confirming that the contract documentation is Code compliant and perhaps attaining a number of letters from sub-contractors does not necessarily dictate that a building is in fact complaint.

Consider the following:

  • The client is not necessarily getting what they have paid for.
  • A building with poor energy performance may result in higher operating costs and subsequently be more difficult to lease.
  • Substituted materials, plant and equipment may not be compliant under Section J.
  • Section J non-compliance leaves a trail of liability.

If the development industry is serious about sustainability then ensuring that buildings achieve actual as-built Code compliance must become a priority.

Gary Wertheimer is director, GIW Environmental Solutions