Rana Abboud

27 February 2013 — Architect Rana Abboud has been awarded the 2013 National Women in Construction International Women’s Day Scholarship.

The $10,000 scholarship is used by a woman in the construction industry to develop a research white paper.

Rana Abboud, who is based in Sydney, will investigate “Architecture in an Age of Augmented Reality: AR’s Affordances for Design Visualisation, Construction Supervision and Post-Completion Maintenance”.

Ms Abboud’s research topic is centred on “mobile augmented reality”, a concept often labelled a “disruptive technology” because its implementation could cause a step change in the building and construction sector in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and client service.

NAWIC’s chief executive officer Sheryle Moon said the judges agreed that Ms Abboud’s proposed research had the potential to benefit the entire industry and to introduce a wide range of new roles that currently did not exist, with more career opportunities arising for women in construction.

During the International Women’s Day breakfast, where the scholarship was announced, last year’s winner, Laila Mehrpour, shared findings  from her white paper, “The Great Australian Dream: Density and Aspirations in Sydney”.

Her research explores the impact of Sydneysiders’ housing aspirations on the city’s current urban form, with the aim to derive sustainable housing and growth management strategies for the Sydney metropolitan area.