ecube house

7 July 2011 – You can see the factory through a web-cam on a live feed. It’s the latest place to order your zero carbon home, a pre-fab personalised dwelling for the low carbon economy, according to a posting from Springwise

“The E-Cube — conceived and developed at Ghent University, Belgium — has the principal aim of creating an affordable zero energy house — bringing a DIY aspect to home-building whilst being simultaneously energy neutral,” Springwise says.

The “E-cube” is a “do-it- yourself building kit for a solar-powered house that is pre-engineered, factory-built, and easily assembled without special skills,” Springwise says.

“The house is constructed from an initial starter unit, which can then be enhanced and personalized according to an individual’s taste, time and budget, while the simplicity of the design enables home owners to build houses much like a flat pack piece of furniture.”

It has five key principles — human energy, passive house standard, phasing, plug and play, and structural flexibility. “The result is a house that can be built using human energy, that can be heated without a conventional heating system, that can be built in stages, that requires no technical background or specialist skills to build and maintain, and that is flexible enough to be adapted in form and decoration.”


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