Occupy the future

17 November 2011 – At last week’s event to celebrate Westfield coming into the Green Star tent with its five star Pitt Street Sydney project, Robert Jordan, the company’s managing director Australia and New Zealand, made it clear this is no trophy trophy.

There would be more Green Stars on the way.

Executive director Green Star Suzie Barnett confirmed Westfield was not alone and there was a trove of shopping centres champing at the door for their green creds.

Now… if we could simply convince those noble shopping centre owners to take the next step and urge their retail customers to buy less, consume less…we could give them 10 stars, right?

What about turning the car parks above the shopping centres into farms? That would be a start. See this wonderful story about Bright Farms which has struck an agreement to build a farm on or near 10 supermarkets in the US.

And it’s a movement that’s growing from the land of contradiction and conflagration on all things green.

Don’t forget that on the other side of the fence in the US, there are lobby groups telling people that the green/sustainable agenda of their local government authority is a communist plot for world government, driven out of the Agenda 21 agreement decided in the Rio Convention. (We kid you not)

As we’ve mentioned before, Joel Kotkin, a “leading planner” has penned articles entitled California’s Green Jihad, just for starters.

Watch for language in Oz that mimics this ridiculous grasp to legitimize lazy, business as usual, vested interests.

Prime Minister and Cabinet occupy Bligh Street
We still don’t know how much the Federal Government is to move into 1 Bligh Street, in Sydney, but we do know it will be three floors at the mid-rise, above the Clayton Utz offices that span levels 1-15. The Sunday papers a few weeks ago said the rent bill would be $6 million a year,  so we’d love a valuer to tell us what the square metre rate is and if it includes incentives.  Does the Federal Government accept incentives? And if so does it spend them on a green fitout?

Certainly the prime minister Julia Gillard showed particular interest in the building and all its green features when she did her tenant’s walk through ahead of her official opening of the building. And yes, it will be her new Sydney digs, for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Technocrats rule OK
So, in order to solve the world debt crisis we can overnight impose technocratic governance on Italy and Greece.

To save much more catastrophic climate change, we must wait politely, democratically, until the water reaches our noses.

For democracy, substitute free market mechanisms, then ask where that got us on the evolutionary trail.

There was a wonderful series recently on SBS that showed how the birth of computers spawned a rabid belief that they would liberate humanity. More intriguing was that by using computer modelling of natural eco systems it was shown that given free rein, nature will tend to harmony and that our society and economy should mimic this.

The only problem (not so small) was that the early modelling was so primitive it stripped out most of the information from nature.

Viewed correctly ­– in its entirety – nature tends to chaos. Imbalances do not give us paradise, but deserts and floods.

Bad luck that the masters of the universe – former US Federal Reserve Bank boss Alan Greenspan first and foremost – worshipped at the feet of free market nutter Ayn Rand, an early adopter of these theories.

The program says that faith in machines and the early primitive modelling of nature also spawned the 60s hippie belief that free spirited communes could self regulate and create a utopian society.

Waiting for the market mechanism to deliver harmony in the economy is the same as waiting for it to save us from climate change.

The hippies grew up. The masters of the universe are still in la-la land.

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