15 November 2011 – Commercial real estate agencies can source the energy efficiency of properties and match them with tenant requirements according to the claims of a new cloud–based software with Surga Central, developed by Adept Business Systems
Adept’s chief executive officer, Steve Clark said: “The application captures the energy efficiency requirements of potential buyers or tenants of commercial property in terms of their desired NABERS rating.

“The NABERS rating can be recorded against a property and a Google Map search allows results to be filtered by the NABERS rating – allowing an agent to quickly locate all properties for sale or lease in an area with, say, a NABERS rating of between 4 and 6,”  Mr Clark said.

An agent can store a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate, record the expiry date and receive an expiry alert warning them of a forthcoming BEEC expiry.

Property listings, lease expiries and enquiries can be displayed on Google Maps. Agents can then conduct map searches to reveal commercial property “hot spots” and “dead spots.”

Agents can also draw, name, store and search customised geographic regions on the maps to focus search activity on areas of specific interest.

Surga Central is also capable of generating and emailing a summary listing brochure to a property enquirer in less than 60 seconds according to a company statement.

Having received the property details on a tablet device equipped with location services, such as an Apple iPad, the enquirer can then remotely view the property (using a map or satellite view), calculate the distance from their current location and access directions of how to reach the property.


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