3 April 2012 – Company directors facing complex decisions about climate change impacts such as regulations dealing with storm tide erosion will be helped by a guide produced by three companies – DLA Piper, Future Ready and Climate Planning.

Titled Climate in the Boardroom, the project is funded by the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility at Queensland’s Griffith University.

Special counsel at global law firm, DLA Piper, Mark Baker-Jones said: “”To date, there has been very little good practical guidance available for decision makers and this is affecting corporate decision making both in Australia and globally.  Business leaders are simply finding it too difficult to sift through the rhetoric to access the truly useful information they need to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.”

Sydney based Future Ready’s director of adaptability, Gareth Johnston, said: “Recent flooding and extreme weather events both nationally and internationally demonstrate that climate impacts will affect the bottom line of most sectors.  We are bringing together business leaders and climate change impact specialists to explore barriers and enablers for effective adaptation.”

“Too often the only climate discussions at board level are on narrow carbon mitigation issues. Climate impacts go far beyond green and corporate sustainability responses.

“Our work will provide insight for ASX boards and large private companies to better respond to emerging risks and opportunities.”

Findings will be presented at the NCCARF/CSIRO “Climate Adaptation in Action 2012” conference in Melbourne from 26 – 28 June. Details