Marie-Louise ter Beek

18 September 2012 — Marie-Louise ter Beek has moved north to join QR National in Brisbane taking on the role of environment strategy manager.

Ms ter Beek said while she made the move for personal reasons she waited six months for the right role to arise.

QR National offered an opportunity that interested her, she says after a few weeks, although as a basically new company – it was privatised by the Queensland Government in 2010 – there is plenty of work to be done.

Ms ter Beek said she while in her previous role as sustainable development manager with Australia Post she was working with the community, environment, customers and employees, she was now “exclusively” dedicated to the QR National’s environment strategy.

“My responsibility now is working on our commitment to energy efficiency opportunities and national greenhouse and energy reporting and optimising opportunities out of these programs to obtain better advantages for the organisation,” she said.

Ms ter Beek said many employees had their own ideas for sustainability projects but it was necessary to first get the core requirements of reliable and customer focused transport right, such as being more productive and getting costs down in order to be competitive.

And while many in sustainability roles look first to buildings and perhaps their lighting or airconditioning, Ms ter Beek’s priority is locomotives.

“One of the biggest impacts we have on the environment in regard to energy use is through our locomotives,” she said.

“So we are looking at things like reducing fuel and how we drive them such as different methods of braking.”

Along with Australia Post, Ms ter Beek has also worked with the Australian Industry Group as senior sustainability advisor running the group’s sustainability covenant program.

Prior to that, Ms ter Beek was in the UK and Europe for five and a half years.

In London she was UK environment manager for McDonald’s Restaurants’ 1200 sites working with 70,000 employees. She also worked with the London Remade program.