Anthony Di Marzo

10 July 2012 ­– After 12 years in operation, the first nine in Adelaide, Lucid Consulting Engineers now has bases in Darwin, Melbourne and Perth, with plans to grow the team from a current 62 to the mid 80s in the next 12 months.

Director Anthony Di Marzo said the building design firm which specialises in mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and fire services for the commercial construction sector, was still “absolutely expanding” .

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Mr Di Marzo said while last year had proven a little “difficult” in a flat market it had still seen expansion adding to the steady growth over the five years previously.

“That’s still contingent on winning projects, one step forward at a time, but that’s our plan,” Mr Di Marzo said.

Mr Di Marzo said Lucid Consulting had always been conscious of sustainability issues with a working group of eight people, headed by himself, already up and running.

“(But) sustainability responsibilities were shared between mechanical, hydraulic and electrical and we recognised that we needed a full-time leader,” he said.

“It’s working well and we are gaining momentum – although we have always been doing things we are proud of.”

Mr Di Marzo said ensuring future expansion came down to “winning work, getting the right people and a good retention rate”.

“We have very good staff and a good retention rate which we hope to continue. We give people opportunities with clear career pathways, mentors and support them through their progression.

Mr Di Marzo said the company itself was also progressive with a “very good management structure”.

“We also have a very good chairman who gives us good advice, which I think engineers need sometimes.”