By Tina Perinotto

8 March 2012 – Jones Lang LaSalle has jumped into the flexible sustainable workspace trend with its move to new Sydney headquarters at 420 George Street.

Like GPT’s reinvented headquarters at the MLC building and Macquarie Bank’s ultra flexible premises at Shelley Street in Sydney the focus of the JLL space is free roaming staff, equipped with laptops, wireless networks, even for visitors, and “non-territorial activity settings.”

Sustainability features were high on the outcomes list, the company says.

These include: maximum natural light and air ventilation designed to penetrate all work areas; energy efficient lighting and movement sensors; central waste recycling facilities; workstations and furniture certified to Good Environmental Choice Australia standards; indoor plants; cyclist facilities including bike racks, showers, and lockers.

The aim is for a five-star Green Star Office Interiors rating.

It’s funky. Even the name is funky: WorkSmart@420.

The company’s website gives tantalising details, designed to demonstrate to potential clients what is possible – much the same way that the GPT offices are designed to be a showcase of possibilities for clients.

See website

But most tantalising to potential clients – especially the financial chiefs – will be that the design can accommodate up to 25 per cent growth in the business without taking extra space.

The 330 desks over 3659 square metres of office floor are arranged in eight different “non-territorial” work settings, where previously there were two basic settings.

Staff are able to move “between spaces designed for intense, focused work to impromptu and informal meeting space, to formal meeting rooms.” The result is staff have places to “concentrate, collaborate and celebrate,” the website says.

Another recurring theme in modern offices, the interconnecting staircase to encourage the “bump” factor between staff, makes an appearance here, as does the community minded central space or “town hall” area in this case.

The “bump” factor is credited with faster decision making and smoother workflow patterns.

As well as the wireless networks there is enhanced audio visual and digital collaboration tools, meeting room management system, VOIP telephony and improved data management.

The company also claimed it has reduced its paper storage by 60 per cent.

-With Lyn Drummond