James Lette

24 April 2013 — James Lette has been a crime prevention officer in London, worked on aid programs in Hong Kong and designed new towns in China but his latest endeavour is Social Impact Strategies.

Mr Lette said he set up the company, which provides a full range of social planning and town planning services – with a focus on social sustainability – to help his clients achieve sustainable community solutions.

“My ability to focus my efforts and resourcing on the bespoke nature of each project whilst also retaining a flexible approach allows me to provide outcomes for my clients which, by their nature, large firms cannot deliver,” he said.

Mr Lette said he had always believed that people and communities mattered.

“I also believe that sustainability is not simply a goal that communities should work towards, but a necessity that must be a priority in the context of any planning project,” he said.

“Wherever I have worked throughout Australia, Europe, Asia and the Pacific, be it a small village in Vanuatu, the rapidly developing provinces of China and India or the heart of London, I have found it to be the case that communities are integral to sustainability – you cannot have a sustainable economy or environment without sustainable communities and places.

“And creating communities which are environmentally, economically and socially sustainable is the whole point of what planners, developers and elected representatives should be doing.”

However, he says, healthy, sustainable and liveable communities don’t just happen and good design, while essential can only go so far on its own.

Mr Lette’s most recent prior positions include principal consultant social sustainability with GHD and associate director with BBC Consulting Planners