28 February 2012 – Prominent companies in the green IT movement, 1E and sustainableIT have extended their partnership into Australia and New Zealand.

1E’s chief executive officer of 1E, Sumir Karayi said this new development was  timely as Australia is claimed to be the world’s worst polluter per capita and, now facing a carbon tax, had a big challenge ahead.

“We can help Australian organisations reduce their energy use by focusing specifically on corporate PCs and servers which account for 60 per cent of IT energy use,” he said.

According to a list of greenhouse gas emissions per capita compiled by the US-based  World Resources Institute the annual per capita greenhouse gas pollution in units of tonnes of carbon dioxide – equivalent per person per year – Australia is the world’s leading polluter emitting 30 tonnes, ahead of the US at 27 tonnes. Europe emits 11 tonnes, China 5.5 tonnes and India 2.2 tonnes.

An existing partner with 1E in South Africa since 2008, sustainableIT will now enhance its consultancy and implementation capabilities in Australia and New Zealand by offering the full suite of IT solutions from 1E to the region.

Mr Karayi said: “When we looked to develop our sales channel in the region, sustainableIT was an obvious choice, largely because of the traction it had with deploying our Efficient IT solutions in the South African market over the past four years.”

Director, sustainableIT Jon James said:  “The impending Clean Energy Act is making Australian organisations look at their energy costs. Faced with having to pay one of the highest prices per tonne of carbon in the world – almost double that of anywhere

Research manager of International Development Contractors Australia, Emilie Ditton says: “Green IT products and services can deliver benefits such as cost, time, power and energy savings as well as lower waste production, while also utilising fewer resources.

“According to our latest forecast for management survey from May 2011, 36.8 per cent of the 239 Australian respondents we polled have already deployed Green IT initiatives, while a further 28.5 per cent plan to deploy green IT initiatives in the next 12 to 24 months. It is clear that good progress is being made,” she said.