5 December 2012 — The Buying Better project has released its proposals to improve the reliability of “green” credentials. The Buying Better project has been undertaken by Green Capital, the business sustainability arm of the Total Environment Centre. It has investigated the green claims for four products: beef, cleaning products, small electronic goods and printing paper. TEC executive director Jeff Angel said the findings showed a plethora of confusing and self-serving claims had undermined consumer confidence as the “greening” of product lines had been mainstreamed. “Labelling across the board should be simpler. It needs to address the product cycle from production, to use, to disposal. With paper this means how the timber is obtained from where, and how it is manufactured; for beef it’s about the sustainable management of the grazing lands, as well as wastage by consumers; and for cleaning products it’s about whether you really need some products such as throwaway wipes, as well as demanding more transparency on ingredients.” Details here.