Matthew Belleghem

2 May 2013 — Matthew Belleghem of envirosearch is currently searching for a new corporate social responsibility manager for PZ Cussons, maker of Imperial Leather soap and related products for its Melbourne offices.

Mr Belleghem said the move was significant for the UK-based global company and would tie in with its global sustainability strategy, which extended from direct environmental impacts to packaging and child labour issues.

The idea of having a social license to operate was also important, Mr Belleghem said, since the company had started its corporate life in Sierra Leone as a colonial business in 1879. Mr Belleghem said the company was very aware about doing the right things by local communities and not simply engaging in “greenwash”.

“They’re very active in Africa and their experience has made them aware of the need to do the right thing in your community,” he said.

This was a new role which would oversee the sustainability role of nine staff members throughout the company who were also “sustainability champions”.

Mr Belleghem recently negotiated the placement of the national environmental compliance manager for Fonterra, Colleen Gates (formerly of sustainability consultancy ERM), and the general manager for sustainability for design and construction outfit Valmont. He also handled the appointment of two directors for Sustainability Victoria, Jenny Pickles and Stefan Preuss.