31 August 2011 – The City of Sydney is investing in cleaner, greener vehicles to drive down greenhouse gases.

The City has also cut back its fleet by 30 per cent in the past five years by using better fleet management techniques.

City of Sydney director of operations Garry Harding said council was on track to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from its vehicles by 20 per cent by 2014.

“We’ve added more than 43 hybrid cars and 20 diesel-electric hybrid trucks with another 10 due later this year. These replace petrol-guzzling polluters and help us save up to 30 percent in CO2 emissions for each vehicle, “ he said.

“Another 84 vehicles – including garbage trucks, road sweepers, footway cleaners and steam cleaning trucks – have been fitted with environmentally friendly exhaust systems and filters so they produce far fewer emissions.

“We’re also trialling two of the first production electric cars available in Australia. They don’t emit any greenhouse gases and are recharged by electricity from the 240 solar panels we installed on Sydney Town Hall.

“More solar panel installations and increasing availability of electric vehicles will see the whole passenger fleet change to zero emission electric cars over the next few years, ” he said.

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