8 December 2011 – Carbon Training International which provides nationally accredited carbon management qualifications has expanded to the US with the first of its courses starting in January next year at the University of California, Los Angeles.

The course will be delivered through UCLA Extension, which provides business education in California.

The carbon management course  – the first in the US  – will assist business and communities adapt to the cap-and-trade regulation that comes into effect in 2013 aiming to reduce California’s carbon dioxide emissions to 1990 levels by 2020, Sydney based CTI director Richard Bolus said.

Mr Bolus told The Fifth Estate more than 539 carbon managers had been trained in the past 12 months at the company’s Sydney and Melbourne offices. .

Every graduate was skilled in developing carbon management response plans.

“We have experienced an increase in professionals such as operations managers, sustainability officers and energy consultants wishing to build their CV’s with carbon management qualifications to enable them to better position themselves in the market,” he said.

One student Lindsay Kelly was so inspired in Week 2 of the Sydney course he and his daughter started a company, Emissions Management International which explains how businesses can benefit from green initiatives, Mr Bolus said.

Another student, a hotel chief engineer said the course had helped him report energy use more professionally and its  relationship with emissions levels, as well  as financial implications. “Every dollar saved in hotels energy use goes straight to the bottom, “ the student said.