22 November 2011 – A Melbourne workshop with the theme, designing the dynamic, is being held from today until Friday by architecture firm BVN.

Computational design will be used in the production and testing of physical artefacts that bring together built environment designers.  Specialists from mathematics, engineering, computer and material science will explore the design and representation of dynamic systems.

Ben Doherty of BVN who is involved in the workshop at RMIT said: “ For example you could model the impact of tilting the entire city towards the sun.  This would mean tilting every building so that the sun beats down onto a small well-insulated roof and not onto the whole wall of a building. That would reduce energy bills but what other effects would it have? ” .

Speakers at the one day symposium following the workshops on Friday include Mr Hugh Whitehead, partner in charge of the specialist modelling group for Foster + Partners, whose notable buildings include the Gherkin in London and the Beijing Airport.

Other contributors are Kristoffer Josefsson, Tim Black BKK, Mark Burry RMIT, Tom Kvan University of Melbourne, Andrew Maher Arup, Simon Watkins RMIT, Mike Xie RMIT.

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