By EB Phillips, CSG Strategy Group, Barrington-Gloucester-Stroud Preservation Alliance Inc.

4 April 2012 – Letter: The letter by Maria Atkinson (24 May 2009) on Building Emissions has just come to my notice.

We here in the Gloucester Basin (NSW) are fighting the impact of a 16 year old open cut mine that has developed into two separate mines about 20 kilometres apart. This is an approved CSG Project by AGL for the establishment of up to 330-400 wells throughout the Gloucester Basin area and now a new open cut coal mine within 1.5 km of Gloucester residential township, cheek by jowl with semi rural housing estates a short distance out of the town.

The carbon dioxide emissions from all these activities has never been measured or certainly not revealed.

It is my understanding that in the extraction of methane gas from the CSG process there is a considerable volume of CO2 allowed to vent freely into the air.

My question is whether anyone can advise on the level of the emissions of CO2 involved and whether any attempt is made to avoid venting that CO2 into the atmosphere. Also whether in the interminable calculations that have been bandied about regarding total CO2 emissions those arising from CSG extraction have been brought to account.

With the burgeoning CSG industry that is plaguing Australia now and into the future this determination is of great importance and should be brought to notice relative to the claim that the CSG industry is so much cleaner than coal.

Your advice, if possible, relative to these matters would be appreciated.

Any thoughts from our readers? – ed

E B Phillips is a media spokesman, CSG Strategy Group, Barrington-Gloucester-Stroud Preservation Alliance Inc.