31 January 2012 – Airconditioning industry suppliers are still cheating in their performance claims according to the Australian Duct Manufacturer’s Alliance  which blames the government for failing to end the practice.

ADMA’s chairman, Paul Sterling has described how flagrantly suppliers to the industry are ignoring Australian standards and specifier’s requirements given that so much energy in any building is spent on heating and cooling.

ADMA was regularly receiving phone calls from non ADMA members within the industry reporting negative practices of ADMA members, he told the Alliance’s 2011 annual general meeting late last year – a message he had given at the previous year’s AGM

Unregulated, non compliant, non fire rated, under-insulated flexible duct and insulation was flooding into the country from Asia and India, being imported by $2.00 companies, flexible duct installation contractors and flexible duct manufacturers alike and installed into commercial buildings, schools and homes, he said.
Issues he noted include:
• Australians are being put out of work due to unregulated, non compliant, under-insulated flexible duct being imported.
• Non fire rated duct is being installed into homes and buildings where fire rated duct is required by the Building Code of Australia.
• Australian consumer’s safety is being put at risk
• Australian consumers are not getting what they are paying for.
• Industry wide overstatement of thermal values of flexible duct by flexible duct manufacturers and distributors

With 40 – 60 per cent of an average consumer’s power bill spent on heating or cooling their home the government’s continued lack of support for an industry self regulatory body was becoming increasingly urgent, he said.