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Ebikes are flying off the shelves in Australia, with sales doubling in 2020.

Covid inspired a boom in cycling in general last year, according to founder of bike retailer 99 Bikes, Matt Turner.

He said that while demand for all types of bikes was up 110 per cent since 2018, e-bike sales have jumped by a “whopping” 131 per cent nationally.

“Between April and December last year, sales almost doubled nationally but as much as 220 per cent in some regions, as people emerged from lockdowns, and sought safer, cheaper, healthier and environmentally friendly ways to get around,” Mr Turner said.

“E-commuter bikes, both standard and foldable, have proved very popular while the E-mountain bike has taken the mountain biking world by storm and introduced a whole new demographic to the sport,” he added.

Elevated demand is expected to continue in 2021.

Mr Turner said that one of the benefits of the ebikes are accessible for most people, regardless of fitness levels.

Speaking to The Fifth Estate in October last year, Bicycle Industries Australia general manager Peter Bourke said that ebikes were surging in popularity, with a lack of stock the only thing holding uptake back.

He said that regulation is now up to the EU standard and consistent across the country.

Shared ebike schemes are also making a come back in Australia, with Beam introducing its purple ebikes to parts of Sydney.

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