The Total Environment Centre has launched a kit to help communities preserve parks and green space it says are under threat by overdevelopment.

TEC executive director Jeff Angel said the situation was urgent and that the DIY defender tool kit would help communities fight back against the loss of urban greenery.

“Councils are rezoning public space for commercial use, surplus crown lands are proposed for sale and poorly planned infrastructure projects are threatening parks and urban trees,” Mr Angel said.

He said as populations grew and density increased, people would need more, not less, quality open space.

TEC’s Urban Sanctuary campaigner Dave Burgess said the tool would help community groups “fight back when a much loved tree, grassy area or park is under siege from developers or rezoning”.

“This toolkit is the culmination of experience from TEC campaigns and the communities we have worked with over the last 40 years,” he said.

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  1. Thanks for the toolkit. I am actively trying to stop westconnex from destroying the earth barrier on the existing M5 at the bottom of my street in Kingsgrove. This area is the only green space that is safe for kids to play. They want to build a new tunnel, widen the M5 and destroy the green space with no alternatives presented. This is not your typical public park but a sanctuary nevertheless. I have written and called council but noone is responding so far. Hope you can join us.

    Kind regards,