Adani: No chance. Photo Credit: Patrick Williams

UPDATED 15 May 2015: Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners of the area slated for Adani’s massive open cut Carmichael coal mining project in Queensland have said they will mount a legal campaign to overturn last month’s Native Title Tribunal decision to grant Adani the go-ahead. The decision was made despite the Traditional Owners refusing to broker an agreement with the mining company.

The tribunal decided the project was in the public interest, and that it will have no impact on sites of cultural significance or the way of life and culture of the area’s Aboriginal Custodians.

  • UPDATE: See this moving interactive on the Galilee and what’s at stake, from The Guardian, The New Coal Frontier

Spokesman for the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Council Adrian Burragubba is now calling for support to mount a legal challenge to the decision, and has said that the group may take the matter as far as the United Nations. They will also be lobbying international investment banks asking them not to fund the project.

“We will contest the idea that building one of the world’s largest coal mines is good for the people and the country,” Mr Burragubba said in an email update sent to supporters via GetUp.

“Our right to self-determination and free, prior and informed consent is being trampled.”

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  1. Wow, this project has been on the table in some way shape or form for the last decade, in the media constantly for the past 5 and you claim that you were not included in tribal decisions. I think progress has waited long enough, let’s get on with the jobs please!

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