The clamour against fracking continues to grow and very inconceniently for conservative rural interests, with the Country Women’s Association of Western Australia joining the NSW branch of its organisation to oppose the industry.

It’s a direct hit to conservative politics and in particular the National Party, according to Lock the Gate supporters who point to a growing divide between the two sides of the fossil fuel debate within conservative forces.

According to Lock the Gate Alliance spokesperson Carmel Flint the WA motion of CWA said,  “CWA of WA (Inc) request the government of Western Australia to enact legislation to ban unconventional onshore gas mining and exploration processes to access gas trapped in tight sand and shale in Western Australia.

“This follows a similar motion passed by the NSW Country Women’s Association earlier this year,” Ms Flint said.

“The divide between the National Party and its constituents on unconventional gas and fracking grows wider every day, and this motion by the CWA today should trigger an urgent re-think by the party. 

“The federal government has been doing everything it can to overturn state controls on invasive gasfields but this motion reveals yet again that by doing so they are ignoring rural voters.

“Rural communities are determined to protect land and water resources from gas mining and they will never accept moves by the federal government to overturn state-based bans or to use GST funds as a form of blackmail to enforce fracking.”