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News from the front desk: Issue No 360 – On whether Sydney’s full or if it’s just a bad case of congestion

The development industry was in defence mode this week over a poll published in the Sydney Morning Herald, with two-thirds of residents declaring the city full, and that the 1.74 million extra people we’re expecting over the next 20 years be pushed to the outskirts. It was an unsurprising result given the framing of the question, […]

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Planners in red hot demand

MARKET PULSE: Demand for planners in Melbourne and Sydney is “red hot” at the moment with many consultancies finding it difficult to fill positions. John Wynne, national planning director of consultancy Urbis, said it’s an incredibly busy time for planners and so recruiting them is a challenge. “It’s fair to say that nationally the demand […]

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There is more than Trump that Australia can learn from the US election

During the November election in the US many people voted for local initiatives to pay for the infrastructure their town or city needed. In some cases, they voted to increase sales tax in order fund a 20-year transport improvement plan Look out the window at all the houses, roads, railways and buildings we’ve built over […]

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Stokes on negative gearing? Not so fast, says Property Council

Every debate needs a strawman – and in the one about housing affordability, negative gearing is the chosen target. Tim Williams is the latest to position it so. In his piece for The Fifth Estate (28 November) he praises NSW Planning Minister’s Rob Stokes for his contribution to the debate on negative gearing. See Tim […]