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Blockchain & how David Chandler’s team is using it for better buildings and to track embodied carbon

Moonshot 2030: Somewhere out there, there’s a building under construction serving as a guinea pig for a “pioneering” tech-enabled quality control system that will hopefully end shoddy building practices for good. Such a system has long been on the wishlist for NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler, who has been tasked with cleaning up an industry […]

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The economics (not) of 22 new public housing units in Glebe… or asset stripping

It has long been this author’s view that appraising political performance on achievement alone is an incomplete and misleading measure. Judgement should be complemented by considering what could have been achieved but was not even attempted, with overall estimations of merit marked down proportionately. We can already detect the electorate warming to this approach. The […]

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On why 2020 was just practice for the 2021 greenwash police and better news

News from the front desk, issue 510: If you’re a greenwash spin-cycle merchant of high order and you think 2020 was hard on the bones, get set for an even tougher year ahead. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do Scelerisque mauris pellentesque pulvinar pellentesque habitant morbi tristique. From what we can […]

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David Chandler on the need for buildings that don’t harm the environment, or people

The construction industry must deliver buildings that don’t harm people physically, emotionally or economically, and that have a small environmental footprint, if it wants to win back consumer confidence, says NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler, who will be speaking at The Fifth Estate’s Building Circularity event in two weeks. The industry must start cutting embodied […]

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Universities need to take building education more seriously if we want to reform the industry

With the successful passing of the Design and Building Practitioners Bill 2019 and the Residential Apartment Buildings (Compliance and Enforcement Powers) Bill 2020, attention now moves to the implementation of the NSW building reforms.  These bills are part of a wider industry reform strategy called Construct NSW which is the NSW government’s response to the […]

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Improving consumer confidence in apartments rests on making information about defects available to all

Finding relevant information about potential defects of an apartment building is hard for a team of dedicated researchers, let alone for consumers. The new industry-based Multi-Party Risk Rating Tool is a start but will it be enough? We recently wrote an article, lack of information on apartment defects leaves whole market on shaky footings, outlining […]

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Ethics should lie at the heart of the new construction industry

The NSW Building Commissioner’s most recent communication deals with why an ethical and authentic developer or construction enterprise will have the most customers in future. According to David Chandler ethics and authenticity lie at the heart of what makes a construction business distinctive, in demand and ultimately successful. Most leading companies in the construction industry realise […]

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On the “Cover of Covid” in WA and the choice of legacy for our PM in Canberra  

News from the front desk Issue No 479: Something interesting came up in our second TFE Live event on Wednesday with Davina Rooney, chief executive of the Green Building Council of Australia, and Danni Hunter, CEO of the Urban Development Institute of Australia Victoria. A new National Construction Code will come into effect on Friday, […]

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Toga’s Fabrizio Perilli on steering the residential market back into the future  

Quality and supply are the biggest issues facing the residential market at the moment according to TOGA Development & Construction chief executive officer Fabrizio Perilli. On the former, Perilli believes there’s merit in most of NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler’s plans to overhaul the building and construction industry. “But the devil is in the detail. […]