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News from the front desk: Issue No 252 – Central Park and disruptive infrastructure

On why sustainable precincts could be the Uber of infrastructure As if right on cue ahead of our Surround Sound for Sustainable Precincts in Sydney next week, Flow Systems and Brookfield officially launched their audacious challenge to conventional precinct utilities that’s underpinning one of the greenest precincts in Australia so far, Central Park on the […]

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Scientists’ open letter: Intergenerational Report wrong on climate

A group of Australia’s top environmental and climate scientists, led by Australian National University’s Dr Andrew Gilkson, have signed an open letter decrying the minimal attention climate change received in the 2015 Intergenerational Report, calling on the federal government to “reconsider the consequences of ongoing emission of greenhouse gases” and to transition to a zero-carbon […]

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Open public forum to discuss quality in Melbourne densification

4 August 2014 — BRIEF: The Victorian Government Architect, the City of Melbourne, industry and researchers will take part in an open public forum being held tonight (Monday) by the Inner Melbourne Planning Alliance to discuss what Alliance president Darragh O’Brien says are concerns about the quality of outcomes created by the densification of residential development across Melbourne’s urban renewal zones and the CBD.