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2020 top 10 stories

1.HVAC and COVID-19 explained Top of the pops, as you might well expect in the year of Covid, was a piece on how to beat this curse that caught the majority of readers’ attention. It was these extensive advisory notes from A.G. Coombs’ Matthew Peacock and clearly they must have been helpful because the hits […]

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Mandating high sustainability in Victoria turns out to be a strong selling point for housing estates

A look at three housing estates that are mandating sustainability covenants. And surprise surprise, the buyers are lapping them up. We look at Mullum Creek Estate in Donvale, Melbourne, The Cape in Gippsland east of Melbourne and Salt Torquay, on Victoria’s western coast where after the first builder showed a higher energy efficiency rating could be done easily and cheaply, is now 80 per cent sold.

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Now for airconditioning-as-a-service

A Singaporean business offering airconditioning as-a-service has its sights set on Australia, which could bring cheaper, ultra-efficient cooling to Australian buildings. Kaer’s revolutionary airconditioning model borrows from other industries that have “servitised” their offerings, such as Uber (mobility) and Spotify (music), which provide access to products rather than ownership. Rather than a building owner procuring […]

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Mike Cannon-Brookes & Co back Climate Change Bill legislating net zero target re-introduced to parliament this week

A bill that would legislate a net zero emissions target for Australia by 2050 was re-introduced to parliament on Monday with the backing of more than 100 organisations,  including Unilever, Atlassian and the Clean Energy Council – and the support of over 92,240 signatures.  First announced in February, independent MP Zali Steggall’s Climate Change Bill […]

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Mould and damp health costs are about 3 times those of sugary drinks. We need a healthy housing agenda

Rebecca Bentley, University of Melbourne and Emma Baker The World Health Organisation has always been interested in housing as one of the big “causes of the causes”, of the social determinants, of health. The WHO launched evidence-based guidelines for healthy housing policies in 2019. Australia is behind the eight ball on healthy housing. Other governments, […]