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Ludo Campbell-Reid on diagnosing urban ills and his new challenge at Wyndham in Melbourne’s west

Urbanist Ludo Campbell-Reid, who took a job at one of Melbourne’s fastest growing municipalities last year, likens his profession to city “doctors”. Cities are either unhealthy or healthy: some are vibrant and exciting, and others are dull as ditch water. Campbell-Reid, who notched up an enviable reputation in his last job with a deep involvement […]

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We need a vaccine for the climate misinformation pandemic – and we need to defeat Murdoch

The Murdoch empire is like Covid spreading misinformation in an anti-climate agenda. But things are changing. And in the UK it’s following competitor Daily Express in a campaign to green the UK. The Murdoch empire “This guy is one of the greatest enemies of climate change action on the planet,” Kevin Rudd recently told the […]