As a society we’re starting to grasp that we are strongly social, inter-dependent, woven into nature, complex, diverse and both fragile and resilient.

The upside of Covid is the time it’s brought us for quiet contemplation and the opportunity to try new ways to achieve better outcomes.

But if there is a single theme that came strongly through at our event, Back to My Happy Healthy Workplace, it was diversity.

Employers are starting to grasp that a creative approach that respects diversity can drive better productivity and better outcomes for all.

A second big theme is the long and growing arm of responsibility. Does employer rhetoric match the actions? Staff, shareholders and other stakeholders are watching. If you’ve got staff working at home, are they safe, physically and psychologically?

The exciting thing is that the more we allow positive values to flourish the faster our quality of life improves, alongside productivity.

This is a great ebook, with inspiring messages and ideas for tools to make our workplaces – and lives – better.

Huge thanks to our sponsors, CitySwitch, Floth and International WELL Building Institute as major sponsors, to CETEC as advertising sponsor, Dexus as venue sponsor, and to our amazing panellists and MC for the event Tone Wheeler.


Tina Perinotto
Managing editor

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  1. Good to see neurodiversity mentioned, even if no reference of how to improve things for neurodiverse people or how to recognise behaviours so that you can avoid stressing them and then sacking them. However,
    there was no mention for people with disability in the diversity discourse. Would be good to see this included in the next iteration of the book.

    1. Thanks Jane, will try to be more inclusive in the future, though I think when we say diversity I thought it was a term that meant all types of diversity, that we needed to be sensitive to all sorts of diversity, neuro diverse being just one. For instance, we mentioned that bosses needed to consider whether workers at home were safe from physical violence as the employer bears responsibility for this… and so on…I think we are the point where we can’t possibly enumerate all possible differences but must be sensitive to whatever is presented to us ..but possibly this is incorrect.