The Fifth Estate is looking for a creative and energetic person to help lead development of our online business and events.

The opportunities are huge. The momentum for green buildings, better, more affordable housing, clean energy and sustainable resilient built environment is now unstoppable. These are growth industries that are have found their feet and are now on a roll.

If you are the right person, you won’t need convincing that this is exactly the part of the economy that will deliver the best jobs and growth.

And The Fifth Estate is no start up! We’ve been around for eight years and have carved out a well respected brand. We send a newsletter twice weekly, publish ebooks, design and manage events, and we’ve started on video content. But there is so much more we could do, which is why we need you!

Our job, as we see it, it to harness that business energy so we can re-invest it in our editorial reach and help fast track sustainable transformation.

Your job will be to help us create sponsorship proposals, design events, and manage relationships at a senior level. You will enjoy creating your own opportunities and dealing with companies big and small.

You will be the type of person who keeps a close eye on where the market is heading so that you can help our business stay tuned-in and on track. So you will no doubt be a strong daily reader of business and political news and keen to work in this sector for its long-term potential.

Most importantly you will also be the kind of person who loves the idea that our work can unlock business and personal connections for others, and so help share inspiration.

We’re flexible on hours, terms and where you work but you must be available for regular face to face contact with us at our Glebe office in Sydney, and with our clients, which might mean some trips away from time to time.

We’re in no hurry. It could take three or six months to find the right person. We’re here for the long term. And we want you to feel the same way.

It’s an exciting time –– in fact there’s never been a more exciting time to be a sustainable Australian!

Please send your resume to

Or call 0413 834 574

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