Tony Arnel

Norman Disney & Young global director of sustainability Tony Arnel has been appointed president of the Energy Efficiency Council.

Mr Arnel replaces Rob Thomson who has stepped down as president after two years.

“I’m looking forward to working with council members to build the market for energy efficiency, cogeneration and demand management in Australia, and thank my predecessor Rob Thomson, who has provided outstanding leadership throughout his tenure as president,” Mr Arnel said.

“Improving our energy efficiency has the potential to deliver great upswings in productivity and economic growth across Australia, while also reducing our energy bills and cutting carbon pollution. I’m committed to the development of policies and platforms that support smarter, more sustainable energy use.”

Acting chief executive Luke Menzel said he was delighted to welcome Mr Arnel to the role at what was a “critical moment” in the energy debate.

“A highly respected international expert and leader, he brings an extraordinary wealth of knowledge to our team,” Mr Menzel said. “Tony’s leadership will help the council prosecute the case for forward-looking energy management policy in Australia.”

Mr Arnel is presently NDY global director of sustainability and a trustee of the Sustainable Melbourne Fund. He is the former chair of the Green Building Council of Australia and the World Green Building Council, and between 2000 and 2012 served as the Victorian Building Commissioner.

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