Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz

Chief executive and managing director of the Mirvac Group, Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz, has been elected as the new national president of the Property Council of Australia, replacing Stockland CEO and MD Mark Steinert after his two-year term.

Ms Lloyd-Hurwitz said her focus as president will be on policies that create productive and liveable cities and encourage housing that is attainable for everyone.

“Australia’s cities and suburbs are under immense pressures – housing affordability, congestion, and infrastructure gaps are all taking their toll. This industry is a natural partner to work with government and other key stakeholders to solve these problems,” Ms Hurwitz said.

“We can build better, more liveable and affordable cities, with world-leading infrastructure, and services that encourage strong and caring communities”.

The board also elected David Harrison of Charter Hall and Kylie Rampa of Lendlease as national vice presidents.

Outgoing national vice president Carmel Hourigan will remain on the board and take on new responsibilities as special adviser to the Property Male Champions of Change group.