Chris Arkins

24 June 2014 – Specialist sustainable design and engineering consultancy Steensen Varming has boosted its global reach with the opening of a Hong Kong studio under the direction of the firm’s Sydney director, Chris Arkins.  The new Hong Kong studio will be sharing offices with leading Danish design firm, Henning Larsen Architects.

Mr Arkins is leader and coordinator of the firm’s commitment to sustainable design across the global network of studios, which also include Copenhagen, London, Edinburgh, Dublin and New York.

“We believe our unique approach to innovative and collaborative design represents a niche market opportunity for Steensen Varming in offering sustainability and specialist architectural lighting design services. Hong Kong is a dynamic city and a great place for creative companies to operate and service the increasing demand in Asia for design excellence and innovation which is the essence of our company since it was originally founded,” Mr Arkins said.

Steenson Varming, which specialises in mechanical and electrical engineering, lighting and sustainable design, was founded in Copenhagen in 1933 and opened its first Australian office in 1957 when it landed the commission to work on the Sydney Opera House with Jørn Utzon.

In September last year the firm celebrated its 80th anniversary, with an event at the Danish Architecture in Copenhagen, and an event at the Sydney Opera House. This coincided with the firm’s involvement in the Opera House’s own anniversary celebrations, including the Danish Design at the House exhibition and sponsoring the MADE, the Multidisciplinary Australian Danish Exchange.

Recent major Australian projects have included the Queen Elizabeth Courts of Law in Brisbane, the National Portrait Gallery, University of NSW Tyree Energy Technologies Building and the Bankstown Library and Knowledge Centre.