Richard Griffiths

UPDATED 16 March 2016: Richard Griffiths has been appointed head of industry engagement with Edge Environment.

Mr Griffiths was previously head of commercial policy and partnerships with the UK Green Building Council. He holds an master of science in environmental technology from Imperial College London and a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Nottingham.

In other news, chief executive of Edge Jonas Bengtsson said Mark Rodgers had also joined the board. Mr Rodgers is managing director of the Australia-New Zealand business New Forests and oversee more than $3.5 billion of assets under management in forestry operations, acquisitions and financial analytics.

Other staff movements coming up included finding a replacement for Dr Henrique Furstenau Togashi, who was recently headhunted by Deloitte to focus on work believed to be centred on big data.

At Edge Dr Furstenau Togashi led data analytics and analytic tool development, mostly for the insurance industry clients after acquiring a PhD at Macquarie University focused on climate science and climate change adaptation.

New recruit Tim Watson has also moved to the company from Mosman Council, bringing with him a background in resource recovery. Edge is now searching for a senior consultant with broad industry sector capabilities, which would take total staff numbers to “around 20” ahead of a planned expansion next year to Melbourne and New Zealand, MrBengtsson said.

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