Peter Chamley. Image: Arup

Former group leader for Arup’s infrastructure practice Peter Chamley has been appointed the company’s Australasia chair, replacing Peter Bailey, who will become group director of sustainable development, working to align the business with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Mr Chamley has more than 35 years’ experience leading the delivery of projects across the UK, Europe, Australasia, East Asia and the US. Recent examples include Crossrail in London, HS2 in the UK, and Second Avenue Subway in New York.

“The prospect of leading the Australasia region, which has a strong reputation across Arup Group as being progressive and innovative, is an exciting one, particularly with so much current activity in the public and private sector,” Mr Chamley said.

“Arup is well placed to take advantage of the opportunity to influence not just the built environment, but also how people experience their cities, while helping these cities to be more vibrant, safe, smart and resilient.”

Mr Chamley, who will be based in Melbourne, thanked Mr Bailey for his seven years at the helm.

“I am coming into a healthy and thriving business with so many opportunities to do more, to do it differently, and to always aim to do it better.”

Mr Bailey said the change in industry and bravery of clients over his tenure meant that the company could truly embrace its tagline of “shaping a better world”.

“I am very proud of what we have achieved not just in the extraordinary projects we have delivered and the growth and diversification of our business, but in the diverse and purpose-driven culture that has evolved here at Arup that continues to attract the best talent,” Mr Bailey said.

“In my new role I will be bringing all of our experts together, leveraging our long-standing relationships and work with organisations like The C40 Climate Leadership Group, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. But also helping to tell more of our Arup International Development and Community Engagement stories – the important work we support with RedR, WaterAid, Habitat for Humanity, and many others. It will be a great opportunity to collaborate more closely with some of the world’s most influential and socially important NGOs and organisations.”