Megan Houghton, outgoing chief executive of CitySmart

The chief executive of Brisbane City Council’s sustainability agency CitySmart, Megan Houghton, will step down from 12 June.

Ms Houghton has been chief executive for close to six years.

In a statement, Ms Houghton said she was immensely proud of the agency’s achievements “and the reputation and credibility we have built with our corporate and government partners and the community, not to mention all that we have delivered for Brisbane”.

“Over the past five years we have developed terrific working relationships with our 42 corporate partners to grow from a start-up to now deliver over $25 million in projects and create an additional $64m in direct value for Brisbane, including substantial direct energy savings for households and businesses through the programs we have designed including Watt Savers and EzyGreen.

“We have engaged over 200,000 households each year on how to live more sustainably and reduce their cost of living and over 40,000 people now attend the greenheart fairs, an event that attracted 800 when our journey started six years ago.”

CitySmart also led the development of what is to be Australia’s first CBD district cooling system.

“We have a great team with a diverse range of skills and CitySmart now operates with a successful business model and digital behaviour change capability that is unsurpassed in the Australian market,” Ms Houghton said. “The next CEO has a terrific platform to lead the next growth chapter in CitySmart’s future.

“I look forward to celebrating the first piece of district cooling pipe in the road, seeing the buzz from the Reduce Your Juice gaming app and watching the programs and benefits of CitySmart spread beyond Brisbane and help many more Australian cities.”