Megan Antcliff, director, strategic projects and innovation for the Department of State Development, South Australia, has been appointed new government representative board member for the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living.

The announcement was made at the CRCLCL annual general meeting last week.

Ms Antcliff is a former scientist turned architect, and is also currently director on the Tonsley redevelopment project in Adelaide.

Her key role with the CRCLCL will be “to create innovative partnerships that are outcome-focused while building high level industry support”, a media release said.

“What excites me about being a member of the CRCLCL board is that I can play a role in the research project decision making process,” Ms Antcliff said. “I am particularly passionate about applying research to real life and more specifically how we can use it in city and precinct living.

“Ultimately research and its outcomes should play a key role in the development of precincts and cities that meet the triple bottom line – social, environmental and financial.”

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