Professor Matthew Bailes

Professor Matthew Bailes has been added to the board of the CRC for Low Carbon Living.

Professor Bailes is currently the acting deputy vice chancellor (research & development) at Swinburne University and leads the Pulsar Group at Swinburne’s Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing.

He joins Kevin Cullen as the second research sector-elected director, replacing Professor George Collins, who passed away unexpectedly at the end of 2014.

Chair Professor Robert Hill said Professor Bailes brought a wealth of research experience to the position.

“We welcome Professor Bailes to the board and know that his research experience and contributions to research discussion will be a great asset to the organisation,” Professor Hill said.

Professor Bailes said he was excited to be given the opportunity to work with the CRCLCL and play a role in meeting its objective to make low carbon living a part of the built environment.

“The remarkable increase in CO2 concentrations in our atmosphere since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution is an incredibly dangerous experiment for the world to be conducting and it is incumbent on the advanced nations to be working toward practical solutions to reverse the increase,” he said.

“I hope that I can help play my part by working with the other board members to optimise the use of the CRC’s resources but also by continuing to advocate for respect of the scientific method and the dangers of thinking we cannot change the planet.”