Matt Genever will head Sustainability Victoria’s Resource Recovery Group from 2 July, replacing Jonathan Leake, who became director of the business and built environment group last month.

Sustainability Victoria chief executive Stan Krpan said Mr Genever had led a terrific career with a focus on market development, strategy and policy development and delivering effective infrastructure to the resource recovery and waste sectors, in business and government.

“With the resource recovery and waste sectors going through a period of transition, our objective is to reinforce the sector as it stands now, and expand it,” he said.

“I am delighted to be working with Matt again, given his industry experience, business acumen, profile and thought leadership in the resource recovery sector. Matt has a particular passion for developing new markets for products and materials that can be hard to recycle.  

“I share his view that Victoria, indeed Australia, has enormous potential to develop new resource recovery capacity for traditional markets like plastic and glass, and new ones like e-waste, food organic and garden organics so we reduce the amount of material that goes to landfill.”

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