Ken Guthrie

11 June 2014 — Australian sustainable energy specialist Ken Guthrie has been elected chair of the Executive Committee of the International Energy Agency’s Solar Heating and Cooling Program for the next two years.

The IEA SHC Executive Committee leads an international collaborative research program that utilises knowledge and expertise across 23 countries and regional organisations.

The projects include a research program aimed at improving technologies and market deployment of solar technologies that provide heating, cooling and daylighting for industry, agriculture, commerce and residential uses.

“My primary focus will be to maintain the delivery of information, and increase the deployment of cost-effective technologies that deliver comfort and industrial heat to end users across all the participating countries,” Mr Guthrie said.

“A new challenge is to provide new country members outside Europe, North America and Australia with useful projects that will deliver sustainable energy to meet their requirements for development.”

Mr Guthrie director of Sustainable Energy Transformation, a consulting firm that works to transform markets to support greater use of sustainable energy.

Last month he was awarded Standards Australia’s Meritorious Contribution to International Standards award in recognition of his leadership and significant contribution to International Standards development.