John Brogden at the UrbanGrowth, Home Conference, Penrith 11 March 2013

Former NSW opposition leader John Brogden has been announced as interim chief executive of NSW’s land and development agency Landcom, and will lead the organisation for six months until a permanent appointment is made.

Mr Brogden has been chair at UrbanGrowth NSW (which was previously Landcom) since 2012, and will step down to take on the new role.

“Landcom is synonymous with delivering housing supply, particularly in Western Sydney, at a time when population growth is putting enormous pressure on our city,” Mr Brogden said.

“Our mandate from the NSW government is very clear and we will build on our past successes as the former NSW Land Commission, and more recently as UrbanGrowth NSW, to improve affordability, supply and diversity in housing.”

Landcom deputy chair Suzanne Jones said Mr Brogden would be instrumental in reshaping the direction of the company, with the government now focusing heavily on supply and affordability.

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